Tips for Selecting the Perfect Natural Gas Wall Heater.

Selecting the right natural gas wall heater requires considering factors such as the heater’s size, safety features, and energy efficiency. A properly chosen wall heater can provide comfort and warmth for years to come.

Wall heaters are a popular heating option for homeowners due to their affordability and space-saving design. They are ideal for heating small to medium-sized rooms and are easy to install. However, with so many options available in the market, selecting the right wall heater can be a daunting task.

In this article, we will provide you with practical tips on what to consider when buying a natural gas wall heater, so you can make an informed decision that suits your needs and preferences.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Natural Gas Wall Heater.


Benefits Of Natural Gas Wall Heaters

Affordable Heating Option

Natural gas wall heaters are one of the most cost-effective heating options available. Here are some key benefits of natural gas wall heaters:

  • Natural gas is cheaper than electricity, which makes natural gas wall heaters a more affordable heating option.
  • Natural gas prices are relatively stable compared to other fuels, which means you can save money on heating expenses throughout the year.
  • Natural gas wall heaters require minimal installation costs, making them a cost-effective heating solution for homeowners.

More Efficient Than Electric Heaters

In comparison to electric heaters, natural gas wall heaters are more efficient in many ways:

  • Natural gas wall heaters produce heat more quickly and can heat larger areas than electric heaters.
  • They are more energy-efficient, using less electricity than an electric heater to heat the same space.
  • Natural gas wall heaters have longer life spans than electric heaters, meaning fewer replacements and a lower cost for homeowners in the long run.

Environmentally Friendly

Natural gas wall heaters are not only cost-effective and efficient, but they are also an environmentally friendly heating solution:

  • Compared to other heating options, natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels and produces fewer emissions.
  • Natural gas wall heaters are energy-efficient and use less energy to heat the same space compared to other heating options, which results in a lower carbon footprint.
  • By opting for natural gas wall heaters, homeowners can contribute to a greener environment and reduce their carbon footprint.
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By selecting a natural gas wall heater, homeowners can benefit from an affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly heating source that provides warmth and comfort during cold winters.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Natural Gas Wall Heater

When it comes to selecting a natural gas wall heater, there are a few essential factors that you should consider before making any purchase. Below are the key factors that you need to keep in mind.

Size And Heating Capacity

The size of the heater and its heating capacity should be your primary considerations when selecting a natural gas wall heater. To ensure that your heater is of the appropriate size, you’ll need to consider the room you intend to heat, and how often you use it.

Some models come with just one heat setting, while others come with multiple heat settings. Be sure to consider the size of your room and the heating capacity to make your final decision.

  • Consider the overall size of the room
  • Determine the heating capacity of the unit
  • Decide on the number of heat settings

Safety Features

Safety is an essential consideration when it comes to natural gas wall heaters. You’ll need to check the safety features before choosing a model. Some of the features that you should look out for include safety grills, tip-over switches, and overheat protection.

These features will help to prevent accidents and provide peace of mind.

  • Look out for safety grills and anti-tip switches
  • Consider heaters with overheat protection
  • Look for models with a built-in thermostat

Type Of Installation

The final factor to consider is the type of installation required for your natural gas wall heater. You can choose between direct-vent heaters or ventless heaters. Direct-vent heaters work by drawing in air from the outside and then expelling the combustion gases outside.

The ventless models do not come with a vent, which means that the air is circulated and heated in the room.

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  • Decide between direct-vent or ventless heaters
  • Check the installation requirements for your new heater
  • Consider the actual work involved in the installation process

When selecting a natural gas wall heater, you should consider all the three factors mentioned above. Make sure that your chosen unit has the appropriate safety features, is of the correct size, and has the correct heating capacity. Finally, ensure that you are familiar with the installation process required before making your final choice.

Comparison Of The Top Natural Gas Wall Heaters Available In The Market

Are you searching for the perfect natural gas wall heater to warm up your home? With so many options available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one. In this post, we’ll compare the top natural gas wall heaters and provide tips on how to make the right choice for your needs.

Product Features And Specifications

  • Dyna-glo bfss30ngt-2n 30,000 btu natural gas blue flame thermostatic vent free wall heater:
  • Heats up to 1,000 sq. Ft.
  • 30,000 btu heat output
  • No electricity required
  • 99.9% fuel-efficient
  • Mr. heater f299731 vent-free propane or natural gas wall heater:
  • Heats up to 750 sq. Ft.
  • Dual fuel technology: Runs on propane or natural gas
  • 30,000 btu heat output
  • Thermostat included
  • Williams 3509622a monterey plus 35,000 btu natural gas top-vent wall furnace:
  • Heats up to 1,750 sq. Ft.
  • 35,000 btu heat output
  • Top vent wall furnace design
  • Comes with external thermostat
  • Rinnai ex22ctwn wall mounted direct ventilation furnace natural gas:
  • Heats up to 1,000 sq. Ft.
  • 22,000 btu heat output
  • Direct vent design with cool-to-the-touch technology
  • Digital thermostat included

Pros And Cons Compared To Other Models

  • Dyna-glo bfss30ngt-2n:
  • Pros: High heat output, vent-free design, fuel-efficient.
  • Cons: Somewhat noisy, may not be suitable for large spaces.
  • Mr. heater f299731:
  • Pros: Dual fuel technology, easy to use, thermostat included.
  • Cons: May not be suitable for larger spaces, some users report fuel smell.
  • Williams 3509622a monterey plus:
  • Pros: Powerful heat output, top vent design, external thermostat included.
  • Cons: Slightly more expensive than other models, may require professional installation.
  • Rinnai ex22ctwn:
  • Pros: Energy-efficient, direct vent design, digital thermostat included.
  • Cons: Lower heat output compared to other models, may be more expensive.
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Customer Reviews And Ratings

  • Dyna-glo bfss30ngt-2n:
  • Customers rate this heater highly for its easy installation and powerful heat output. Some users did, however, report a slightly noisy operation.
  • Mr. heater f299731:
  • This model receives high praise for its dual fuel technology and simple operation. Some users reported a fuel smell, and the heater may not be powerful enough for larger spaces.
  • Williams 3509622a monterey plus:
  • Users love this wall furnace for its powerful heat output and external thermostat. It’s slightly more expensive than other models, but most customers agree that it’s worth the investment.
  • Rinnai ex22ctwn:
  • Users report that this heater is energy-efficient and operates quietly. The digital thermostat is also a popular feature. Some users felt that the heat output was lower than they expected.

When selecting a natural gas wall heater for your home, consider factors such as heat output, fuel efficiency, and your space’s size. We recommend reading reviews from other customers to get an idea of real-world performance and overall satisfaction. Choose the model that best fits your needs and preferences for a warm and cozy winter season.


With the winter season approaching, it’s essential to have the right natural gas wall heater to keep you warm and comfortable. Selecting the perfect heater requires careful attention to factors such as size, heating capacity, and safety features. By considering the room size, fuel type, and efficiency, you can narrow down your options and ensure that you invest in a quality product.

Don’t forget to take a look at the various control options and safety features, such as overheat and tip-over protection, to make sure your investment is secure. We hope these tips have been helpful in guiding you to the right natural gas wall heater for your needs.

Stay warm, stay safe, and enjoy the cozy warmth of your new heater.


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