How To Hang An Electric Fireplace On The Wall?

To hang an electric fireplace on the wall, you will need to follow a few steps. First, locate the studs in the wall and mark their positions.

Then, use a drill to secure a mounting bracket onto the wall at the desired height. Finally, attach the fireplace to the bracket and ensure it is securely in place. Before starting the installation process, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific fireplace model, as the steps may vary.

Hanging an electric fireplace can add a cozy and stylish element to any room, providing both warmth and ambiance.

How To Hang An Electric Fireplace On The Wall?


Choosing The Perfect Location

Finding the ideal spot to hang your electric fireplace is crucial for both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Careful consideration of the room layout, traffic flow, optimal viewing height, and availability of wall outlets is necessary to ensure a seamless installation.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when choosing the perfect location for your electric fireplace:

Consider the room layout and traffic flow:

  • Evaluate the layout of the room to determine the best wall for mounting the electric fireplace. Consider the focal point of the room and ensure that the fireplace will be visible from the desired viewing angles.
  • Take into account the traffic flow within the room. Avoid placing the fireplace in areas where it may obstruct the natural flow of movement or become a hazard.

Determine optimal height for viewing:

  • Determine the optimal height for viewing the electric fireplace. Generally, eye level should be the guiding factor when selecting the height. Consider the average height of the individuals who will be enjoying the fireplace to ensure comfortable viewing for everyone.
  • Take into consideration the placement of furniture and other items in the room. Ensure that the electric fireplace is not obstructed or difficult to view from common seating areas.

Check for availability of wall outlets:

  • Assess the location of wall outlets in the room. Ensure that there is an available outlet within reach of the desired fireplace location. This will help avoid the need for extension cords or complicated wiring.
  • If there are no available outlets nearby, consider hiring a professional electrician to install a new outlet in the desired location. This will ensure a safe and convenient power source for your electric fireplace.

By carefully considering the room layout, traffic flow, optimal viewing height, and availability of wall outlets, you will be able to choose the perfect location for your electric fireplace. Following these guidelines will result in an aesthetically pleasing and functional installation that enhances the ambiance of your space.

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Preparing The Wall And Gathering Tools

Measuring And Marking The Wall

Before you start hanging your electric fireplace on the wall, it’s important to measure and mark the wall properly. This will ensure that your fireplace is centered and positioned correctly. Here are the key points to consider:

  • Measure the height and width of your electric fireplace to determine the ideal placement on the wall.
  • Use a tape measure to mark the center of the wall where you want the fireplace to be mounted.
  • Double-check your measurements to ensure accuracy.

Locating Studs And Using Stud Finder

Finding the studs in your wall is essential for securely hanging your electric fireplace. Studs provide the necessary support to hold the weight of your fireplace. Follow these steps to locate studs and use a stud finder effectively:

  • Start by using a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall. Slide the stud finder along the wall at a steady pace until it signals the presence of a stud.
  • Once you locate a stud, mark it with a pencil or masking tape. Repeat this process to find additional studs.
  • Studs are typically spaced 16 or 24 inches apart, so make sure to check for multiple studs along the width of your wall.

Preparing The Wall Surface

Properly preparing the wall surface is crucial for ensuring a secure and stable mount for your electric fireplace. Consider the following points:

  • Clear the area around the marked spot on the wall to ensure there are no obstacles or obstructions.
  • Clean the wall surface using a mild detergent and a sponge or cloth to remove any dirt, dust, or grease.
  • If necessary, patch any holes or imperfections in the wall using a suitable wall filler. Allow it to dry and sand it down to create a smooth surface.

Assembling The Necessary Tools And Materials

To hang an electric fireplace on the wall, gather the following tools and materials beforehand:

  • Electric fireplace mounting bracket (usually included with the fireplace)
  • Screwdriver or drill
  • Screws appropriate for your wall type (consult the manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil or masking tape for marking
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By having these tools and materials ready, you’ll be well-prepared to move on to the next steps of hanging your electric fireplace securely.

Installing The Electric Fireplace

Mounting the wall bracket:

  • Before you start installing your electric fireplace, you’ll need to mount the wall bracket securely. Here’s how you can do it:
  • Choose the ideal location on the wall where you want to hang your fireplace.
  • Make sure the wall is strong enough to hold the weight of the bracket and the fireplace.
  • Use a stud finder to locate the wall studs. Mark the stud positions with a pencil.
  • Align the wall bracket with the marked stud positions.
  • Drill pilot holes into the studs and attach the bracket using screws provided with the fireplace.
  • Double-check the levelness of the bracket using a spirit level.

Securing the fireplace to the bracket:

  • Once the wall bracket is securely mounted, it’s time to secure the electric fireplace to the bracket. Follow these steps:
  • Lift the fireplace carefully and align it with the wall bracket.
  • Engage the brackets on the back of the fireplace with the wall bracket by hooking them together.
  • Ensure that the fireplace is securely attached to the bracket to prevent any accidents.
  • Use the provided screws or locking mechanisms to further secure the fireplace if necessary.
  • Check the stability of the fireplace by giving it a gentle shake. It should remain firmly in place.

Concealing wires and cables:

  • Now that your electric fireplace is securely mounted, it’s important to conceal the wires and cables for a clean and tidy appearance. Consider the following options:
  • Install wire management channels or raceways along the wall to hide the cables.
  • Use cable clips or adhesive hooks to secure the wires to the wall and prevent them from hanging loose.
  • If possible, run the cables through the wall or use a cord cover for a more seamless look.
  • Ensure that the power cord is safely connected to an electrical outlet and does not pose a tripping hazard.

Testing and adjusting the fireplace:

  • Before you start enjoying the warmth and ambiance of your newly installed electric fireplace, make sure to follow these final steps:
  • Turn on the fireplace and check if all the heating, lighting, and flame effects are working properly.
  • Adjust the settings and flames to your preferences using the control panel or remote provided.
  • Test the heat output by setting the fireplace to its highest heat setting. Ensure that it’s warming the desired area effectively.
  • If needed, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for any troubleshooting tips or adjustments.
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Now that you’ve successfully mounted, secured, concealed, and tested your electric fireplace, you’re ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the cozy ambiance it adds to your living space.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Hang An Electric Fireplace On The Wall?

How Do You Hang An Electric Fireplace On The Wall?

To hang an electric fireplace on the wall, start by ensuring you have the necessary tools and hardware. Mark the location, attach the mounting bracket securely, and then hang the fireplace unit. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and consult a professional if needed.

Can You Hang An Electric Fireplace On Drywall?

Yes, you can hang an electric fireplace on drywall with the right precautions. Use heavy-duty anchors and screws to securely attach the mounting bracket to the wall studs. Make sure to distribute the weight evenly and avoid putting excessive pressure on the drywall.

What Height Should An Electric Fireplace Be Hung At?

The ideal height to hang an electric fireplace is typically eye-level for optimal viewing. However, it depends on personal preferences and the layout of the room. Consider factors such as furniture placement, viewing angles, and fireplace design to determine the best height for your specific setup.


Overall, hanging an electric fireplace on the wall can be a simple and rewarding diy project. By following the step-by-step process, you can have a beautiful and functional fireplace that adds warmth and ambiance to your space. Start by selecting the right location and ensuring the wall can support the weight of the fireplace.

Then, gather the necessary tools and materials, and carefully install the mounting bracket. Once the bracket is secure, safely attach the fireplace to the wall and make the necessary electrical connections. Finally, test the fireplace to ensure it is working properly and enjoy the cozy atmosphere it creates.

Remember to always consult the manufacturer’s instructions and local building codes to ensure a safe installation. With a little time and effort, you can transform your room with a stunning wall-mounted electric fireplace.


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