How To Clean Your Noritz Tankless Water Heater: A Complete Guide.

To clean a noritz tankless water heater, turn off the electrical power supply, gas valve, and water valve to the unit. Use a descaling solution to flush out mineral buildup and sediment from the heat exchanger.

A noritz tankless water heater provides hot water on-demand and is an efficient and reliable solution for water heating needs. However, like all appliances, it requires maintenance to function correctly. Over time, mineral buildup and sediment can accumulate in the unit, reducing its efficiency and potentially causing damage to the system.

Therefore, it is essential to clean the noritz tankless water heater periodically. In this article, we will guide you on how to clean a noritz tankless water heater efficiently.

How To Clean Your Noritz Tankless Water Heater: A Complete Guide.


Steps To Cleaning Your Noritz Tankless Water Heater

Noritz tankless water heaters provide excellent benefits to homeowners, such as energy savings, space-saving, and improved efficiency. However, with these benefits come responsibilities, including regular cleaning to ensure the system runs efficiently and prolongs its lifespan. In this section, we will provide detailed steps to cleaning your noritz tankless water heater to help you maintain it in top-performing condition.

Explanation Of Why It Is Important To Turn Off The Power And Gas Supply Before Cleaning.

It’s important to turn off both the power and gas supply to your noritz tankless water heater before you start cleaning it. This measure enhances safety and prevents any mishap or accident that can occur when handling the device. Turning off the power supply disconnects the power source from the unit, preventing electrical shock, while turning off the gas supply ensures that the gas doesn’t escape during cleaning, thereby averting potential hazards.

Remember to mark the circuit breaker or fuse as “do not switch on” to inform others that work is ongoing on the system.

Safety Precautions To Remember Before Starting The Cleaning Process.

Cleaning a tankless water heater, whether noritz or not, requires some safety precautions. Here’s a quick checklist of things to do before embarking on cleaning the noritz tankless water heater:

  • Turn off the power and gas supply
  • Disconnect the water supply to the heater
  • Make sure the unit is cool to avoid any risk of burns
  • Set up a safe and secure work area with adequate lighting
  • Wear gloves, safety goggles, and protective clothing

How To Locate And Remove The Filter From The Unit.

The filter is crucial to maintaining the efficiency of your noritz tankless water heater. It traps debris such as lime, dirt, and other particles, preventing them from entering the heating chamber. Here are the steps to locate and remove the filter:

  • Start by unplugging the unit or turning off the power and gas supply.
  • Open the front cover of the tankless water heater by unscrewing the screws.
  • Locate the filter on the inlet side, which is the side from which water enters the system.
  • Remove the filter by sliding it out of the slot carefully.
  • Clean the filter or replace it if it is damaged or worn out.
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Explanation Of Why It Is Important To Clean Or Replace The Filter Regularly.

Cleaning or replacing the filter regularly is essential for maintaining a healthy, efficient, and long-lasting noritz tankless water heater. The filter’s primary function is to trap debris and minimize the mineral buildup in the system, improving performance and energy efficiency.

Mineral buildup affects the heater’s efficiency, increases energy consumption, and leads to component wear and tear.

Steps For Cleaning The Filter With A Soft Brush And Water.

To clean the filter, follow these simple steps:

  • Remove the filter from its slot.
  • Run it under tap water for a few minutes to remove any visible debris.
  • Clean the filter with a soft brush or toothbrush to remove any caked-on debris.
  • Rinse the filter in clean water and set it aside to dry.
  • After cleaning, reinsert the filter into the unit carefully.

Why Flushing The Unit Is Important And How It Helps Remove Mineral Buildup.

Flushing the noritz tankless water heater is essential to maintain system efficiency and prevent mineral buildup. The mineral buildup affects the heater’s efficiency, leading to increased energy consumption, component wear and tear, and shortening the unit’s lifespan. Flushing helps remove sediment, debris, limescale, and mineral buildup and improves the system’s performance.

How To Connect A Submersible Pump And Flush Kit To The Unit.

Follow these steps to connect a submersible pump and flush kit to your noritz tankless water heater:

  • Turn off the power and gas supply to the unit.
  • Turn off the water supply to the heater.
  • Attach one end of the garden hose to the flush port valve.
  • Connect the submersible pump hose to the same garden hose.
  • Insert the pump unit into a bucket or other collection container.
  • Open the drain valve on the heater to let the water out.

Steps For Flushing The Unit With Vinegar Or A Descaling Solution, Depending On The Severity Of The Mineral Buildup.

The steps for flushing your noritz tankless water heater with vinegar or a descaling solution are straightforward. Follow the steps below based on the severity of the mineral buildup:

For mild mineral buildup:

  • Fill the pump bucket with a 50/50 vinegar and water solution.
  • Turn on the submersible pump and flush out the system for 45 minutes.
  • Turn off the submersible pump and close all valves.

For severe mineral buildup:

  • Purchase and mix descaling agents as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Pour the descaling solution into the pump bucket.
  • Connect the pump to your unit and start flushing the heater for approximately 60 minutes.
  • Turn off the submersible pump and close all valves.

Safety Precautions To Remember When Using A Descaling Solution.

While using a descaling solution to flush your noritz tankless water heater, ensure to follow these safety precautions:

  • Wear gloves, safety goggles, and protective clothing.
  • Set up a well-ventilated area.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions fully before using the product.
  • Keep the descaling solution away from children and pets.
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How To Reassemble The Filter, Submersible Pump, And Flush Kit.

After cleaning, flushing, and draining the system, follow these steps to reassemble the filter, submersible pump, and flush kit:

  • Reinsert the filter into its original slot.
  • Remove the pump and flush kit from the flush port valve after draining the system.
  • Remove the garden hose from the flush port valve.
  • Close the drain valve and open the water supply valve to fill the heater chamber.

How To Turn The Power And Gas Supply Back On.

After successfully reassembling the filter, pump, and flush kit, follow these steps to turn the power and gas supply back on:

  • Reinstall the front cover on the heater by screwing it back in.
  • Confirm that all valves are thoroughly closed.
  • Turn on the water supply and let it fill the system.
  • Turn on the power and gas supply to the system, and let the unit ignite itself. Ensure the ignition sequence runs correctly.

Steps For Testing The Unit To Ensure It Is Working Properly.

Once you complete the cleaning steps, test the system to guarantee it’s working efficiently. Follow these quick steps:

  • Turn on the hot water faucet and allow the system to heat the water.
  • Test the unit’s output and ensure it meets your expectations.
  • Check the vent pipe to ensure it’s not clogged or obstructed.
  • Monitor the system for any leaks, error codes, or unusual behavior.
  • Repeat the process from time to time to keep the system in top condition.

Following these simple steps to clean your noritz tankless water heater will improve its energy efficiency, performance, and lifespan. Remember to take the necessary safety precautions, follow all manufacturer’s instructions, and keep your work area safe and secure. Regular cleaning will enhance your tankless water heater’s performance, so remember to set a schedule and stick to it.

Maintenance Tips For Your Noritz Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are a reliable and efficient way to heat water in your home, and noritz is a reputable brand trusted by many homeowners. However, like any appliance, proper maintenance is crucial to ensure it works correctly and lasts as long as possible.

Here are some maintenance tips for your noritz tankless water heater:

Explanation Of How Water Quality Affects The Unit’S Performance And Lifespan.

The quality of water that runs through your noritz tankless water heater can significantly influence its performance and lifespan. If the water is hard or has high mineral content, it can lead to buildup inside the unit and reduce its efficiency.

Some of the problems that can arise from poor water quality include:

  • Mineral buildup and scaling inside the heater
  • Clogs in the heat exchanger
  • Corrosion of the unit’s components

The Types Of Minerals That Can Cause Buildup In The Unit And How To Test For Them.

There are several types of minerals that can cause buildup in your noritz tankless water heater, including calcium, magnesium, and iron. You can test for these minerals by:

  • Collecting a water sample from the unit and testing it using a water testing kit.
  • Checking for signs of scaling or corrosion inside the unit.
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The Importance Of Proper Air Intake And Venting For The Unit’S Performance.

Proper air intake and venting are essential for optimal performance of your noritz tankless water heater. A lack of air intake can lead to incomplete combustion, which can produce soot and carbon monoxide. Additionally, inadequate venting can cause dangerous exhaust gases like carbon monoxide to build up in your home.

How To Inspect And Clean The Air Intake And Venting.

It’s important to regularly inspect and clean the air intake and venting of your noritz tankless water heater. Here’s how to do it:

  • Turn off the unit and remove the cover.
  • Inspect the air intake and venting for blockages, damage, or signs of wear and tear.
  • Remove any dirt or debris using a soft brush or vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.
  • Ensure the vent pipes are securely connected and free from any damage.

Importance Of Scheduling Annual Maintenance With A Professional.

Annual maintenance with a professional is crucial to ensure the longevity and proper operation of your noritz tankless water heater. A professional technician can perform a thorough inspection of your unit, identify any potential issues, and perform the necessary maintenance to keep it running efficiently.

What To Expect During The Maintenance Visit And The Benefits Of Regular Maintenance.

During a maintenance visit, a professional technician will:

  • Inspect the unit for signs of wear and tear or damage
  • Clean the burner and heat exchanger
  • Check and adjust the gas pressure
  • Inspect and clean the water filter
  • Check and replace any faulty components

The benefits of regular maintenance include:

  • Improved efficiency and performance
  • Increased lifespan of the unit
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns and costly repairs
  • Improved safety and peace of mind

By following these simple maintenance tips, you can ensure your noritz tankless water heater provides reliable hot water for years to come.


Now that you know how to clean your noritz tankless water heater, you can have a continuous supply of hot water efficiently and effectively. Remember to always turn off the power source and gas supply before starting the cleaning process.

Regular maintenance and cleaning can prolong the lifespan of your noritz tankless water heater while also preventing any potential hazards. A clean water heater can also help with the quality of water by removing any contaminants or minerals buildup. Keeping your water heater clean is easy and quick, and periodic cleaning ensures that your unit operates at its peak performance.

Don’t wait for any signs of trouble before cleaning your system. Regularly cleaning your noritz tankless water heater not only saves you money on repairs but also on energy bills. Make cleaning your water heater a priority and enjoy all the benefits of a clean and efficient system.


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