Top 10 Best Space Heaters Under $50: Stay Warm and Save Money Now!

The best space heaters under $50 include the lasko ceramic tower heater, amazonbasics portable eco-smart space heater, and brightown mini desk heater. Space heaters can be a cost-effective solution to keeping your home warm during the cold winter months.

However, finding an affordable option that also delivers efficient heating can be a challenge. That’s where we come in. In this article, we will review the top-rated space heaters under $50 that provide excellent heating performance without breaking the bank.

From personal heaters to ceramic tower heaters, read on to explore our top picks for the best space heaters under $50.

Top 10 Best Space Heaters Under $50: Stay Warm and Save Money Now!


Top 10 Best Space Heaters Under $50: Stay Warm And Save Money Now!

Best space heaters under $50: top 10 recommendations to keep you warm and save money

Winter is around the corner, and you might be looking for the best space heaters under $50 to keep you warm without burning a hole in your pocket. Investing in an affordable space heater can help you save money on your heating bills and keep your room warm and cozy during the chilly winter months.

We will discuss why we have chosen this price range, compare the cost of space heaters to other heating options, and recommend the different types of space heaters available and the best picks for this price range.

Explanation Of Why The Article Focuses On This Price Range

When it comes to purchasing a space heater for your home, the first thing that comes to mind is the price. Space heaters are available in a wide range of prices, and choosing a budget-friendly option can be a wise decision, especially if you need to save money.

You might not want to spend more than $50 on a small device when you can procure an efficient and affordable heater that can serve the same purpose. It is not only about saving money but also about having a good quality product that can work efficiently without consuming too much electricity.

Comparison Of The Cost Of Space Heaters To Other Heating Options

Space heaters are a cost-effective alternative to central heating systems and other heating options. They consume less electricity, and depending on the type of heater you choose, you can save about 50-60% on your heating bills. While central heating systems are more expensive to install and maintain, space heaters are portable, easy to use, and require little or no maintenance.

Unlike traditional fireplaces, they do not produce smoke, soot, or ash, which makes them healthier for indoor use.

The Different Types Of Space Heaters Available And Which Ones Are Best For This Price Range

Space heaters come in different types and sizes. The most common types are radiant, convection, and ceramic heaters. Radiant heaters are excellent for spot heating, while convection heaters work well for heating a closed space. Ceramic heaters are the most energy-efficient and can heat a room quickly.

For this price range, we recommend ceramic heaters for their affordable pricing and energy efficiency. Here are our top ten picks for the best space heaters under $50:

  • Lasko ceramic portable space heater
  • Pro breeze electric mini heater
  • Brightown portable ceramic heater
  • Andily space heater
  • Air choice electric space heater
  • Home_choice small ceramic heater
  • Taotronics space 1500w electric heater
  • Oscillating space heater, indoor personal heater
  • Trustech ceramic space heater
  • Amazonbasics 1500w oscillating ceramic heater

All the options we have mentioned above have their unique features, which make them the best in this price range. You can choose the one that meets your needs and budget considerations to keep your room warm.

By choosing one of the best space heaters under $50, you can save money on your heating costs and make your winter months comfortable. We hope that our top ten picks for the best space heaters under $50 have helped you make an informed buying decision.

1 – Ceramic Space Heaters

What Ceramic Space Heaters Are And How They Work

Ceramic space heaters are among the most popular types of heaters because of their effective heating, portability, and ability to save on energy bills. The heater has a ceramic heating element that heats aluminum baffles, which then distribute the heated air around the room.

Ceramic heaters come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. They have adjustable controls that let you regulate temperature and fans to circulate hot air.

Pros And Cons Of Using Ceramic Space Heaters


  • They are energy-efficient. Ceramic heaters are more efficient than other heating types because they heat up quickly and distribute heat evenly, which reduces wastage.
  • They are compact and portable. Most ceramic heaters weigh less than five pounds, making them highly portable. They also take up little space, making them ideal for small rooms and offices.
  • They provide uniform heating. Ceramic heaters offer consistent and even heating, which is highly efficient and reassuring during cold months.


  • They are not suitable for large rooms. Since ceramic heaters are compact, they are only recommended for small to medium-sized rooms.
  • They produce dry heat. Ceramic space heaters produce dry heat that can cause dehydration, especially if used for extended periods. This can be remedied by using a humidifier.
  • They can be expensive. Ceramic heaters can be expensive, especially for high-quality models.

Examples Of The Best Ceramic Space Heaters Under $50

Here are some of the best ceramic space heaters under $50:

  • Lasko 754200 ceramic portable space heater: It can heat up to 150 square feet and has three different settings.
  • Amazon basics 500-watt ceramic small space personal mini heater: This is perfect for small areas, with a 500-watt heating capacity.
  • Brightown heater: This is a small but powerful heater that comes with a thermostat, automatic shut-off, and two heat settings.
  • Auzkin portable ceramic space heater: It has an adjustable thermostat and two heat settings. The heater also comes equipped with overheat protection and a tip-over switch.
  • Honeywell hce100b heat bud ceramic portable heater: This heater is quieter than many others and offers easy-to-use controls, perfect for office desks or bedroom nightstands.

Ceramic space heaters provide efficient heating solutions, especially for small to medium rooms. They are light, portable, and offer uniform heating. With a budget of $50, you can get a high-quality ceramic space heater suitable for your needs.

2 – Oil-Filled Radiator Heaters

What They Are And How They Work

Oil-filled radiator heaters are a type of electric heater that uses oil as its heating element. They are composed of metal columns that are filled with oil, which is then heated via an electrical current. They are typically equipped with a thermostat to control the temperature and automatic shut-off to prevent overheating.

Pros And Cons Of Using Oil-Filled Radiator Heaters


  • They provide steady and even heat distribution.
  • They are silent in operation and do not produce any noise.
  • They are highly efficient and cost-effective to run.
  • As they operate with convection currents, they do not dry out the air or reduce the room’s oxygen levels, making them an excellent option for people with allergies or breathing difficulties.
  • They retain heat even after turning off the device, meaning they can continue to provide warmth even after switching off the unit.


  • They can be challenging to move around as they are heavy and bulky.
  • They have a slower warming-up time than other types of heaters.
  • They may pose a risk of burns if accidentally touched due to the hot surface temperature.

Examples Of The Best Oil-Filled Radiator Heaters Under $50

If you’re looking for an affordable yet effective oil-filled radiator heater under $50, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best options on the market:

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  • Delonghi trd40615t heater
  • Costway oil filled radiator heater
  • Pelonis oil filled radiator heater
  • Homeleader oil filled radiator heater
  • Comfort zone cz7007j oil-filled electric radiator heater

All of these models boast advanced features such as adjustable thermostats, easy portability, and overheat protection, making them excellent value for money. Choose the one that best fits your needs and enjoy efficient heating during the chilly season.

3 – Fan-Forced Heaters

What They Are And How They Work

Fan-forced heaters are electric heaters that use a fan to blow air over a heating element. This results in the warm air being dispersed throughout the room, providing quick and even heat. Fan-forced heaters are typically compact and portable, making them easy to move from one room to another.

These heaters come with an adjustable thermostat, which allows the user to set the desired temperature.

Pros And Cons Of Using Fan-Forced Heaters


  • Provide quick and even heat
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • More energy-efficient than traditional space heaters
  • Come with an adjustable thermostat


  • Can be noisy due to the fan
  • Only suitable for small to medium-sized rooms
  • Not ideal for continuous use
  • Can be a fire hazard if not used properly

Examples Of The Best Fan-Forced Heaters Under $50

  • Lasko 754200 ceramic heater
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Two heat settings and a fan-only option
  • Safety features including overheat protection and cool-touch exterior
  • Comfort zone cz35e personal heater
  • Adjustable thermostat and two heat settings
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Overheat protection for added safety
  • Honeywell hhf360v 360-degree fan forced heater
  • 360-degree surround heat with adjustable thermostat
  • Small and portable design
  • Overheat protection and tip-over switch for safety

4 – Infrared Heaters

What They Are And How They Work

Infrared heaters are a type of space heater that use electromagnetic radiation to produce heat. These heaters use a heating element, typically made of carbon or quartz, which emits infrared radiation to warm up the surrounding area.

The way these heaters work is by emitting infrared radiation, which heats up the objects in the surrounding area by transferring energy to them. Unlike traditional heaters, infrared heaters do not heat up the air around them, but rather the objects in the room, making them ideal for spaces with poor insulation.

Pros And Cons Of Using Infrared Heaters


  • Efficient and cost-effective way to heat up small spaces.
  • Energy-saving, as they only heat up the specific area that needs to be warmed up.
  • Safe, as they do not emit any harmful gases to the environment or the people in the room.
  • Silent and easy to use.


  • Not suitable for large spaces.
  • Takes time to heat up the surrounding area.
  • Can be expensive to purchase.

Examples Of The Best Infrared Heaters Under $50

  • Amazonbasics 500w ceramic small space personal mini heater: This heater has a ceramic heating element and uses infrared technology to quickly heat up small spaces. It comes with a tip-over switch and overheat protection for added safety.
  • Home_choice personal ceramic space heater electric heater: This heater is compact in size and uses ceramic heating technology to produce heat quickly. It also has a tip-over switch and automatic overheat protection for added safety.
  • Asterion portable ceramic space heater: This heater has an infrared ceramic heating element that provides fast and even heat distribution. It comes with an adjustable thermostat and a safety tip-over switch for added safety.
  • Duraflame dfi-550-22 freestanding infrared quartz fireplace stove: This heater mimics a traditional fireplace and produces infrared heat to warm up large spaces. It has a realistic flame effect and adjustable thermostat for added comfort.

Infrared heaters are a great option for small spaces as they are efficient, cost-effective, and safe to use. When purchasing an infrared heater under $50, consider the size of your space and the type of heating element you prefer. With proper use and maintenance, infrared heaters can provide you with the warmth you need during the colder months.

5 – Convection Heaters

What They Are And How They Work

Convection heaters are designed to heat up a room by circulating warm air. These heaters work based on the principle of convection, where the air around the heater becomes hot before rising up and pushing the cooler air down towards the heater.

This creates a flow of warm air that circulates around the room, gradually heating it up to a comfortable level. The heater itself is equipped with an electric coil that heats up quickly, which in turn heats up the surrounding air.

Pros And Cons Of Using Convection Heaters

Just like any other type of space heaters, using convection heaters has its pros and cons. Here are some of the most important ones to consider:


  • Safe to use: Convection heaters don’t produce any flames or fumes, which makes them a safe option for households with children or pets.
  • Even heat distribution: Because warm air circulates evenly around the room, convection heaters provide consistent heat throughout the space.
  • Energy efficient: They can be very energy efficient, as they don’t require a fan to circulate air.
  • Quiet operation: Convection heaters operate quietly, making them an ideal choice for bedrooms and other quiet spaces.


  • Slow to heat up: While convection heaters provide even heat distribution, they can take some time to heat up the room.
  • Not ideal for larger rooms: Convection heaters are best suited for small to medium-sized rooms, as they may not be powerful enough to heat up larger spaces.
  • Risk of burns: Since the heater itself can get quite hot, there is a risk of burns if it is touched or knocked over.
  • Expensive: Compared to other types of space heaters, convection heaters can be more expensive to purchase.

Examples Of The Best Convection Heaters Under $50

Looking for an affordable and reliable convection heater? Here are some of the best options available that won’t break the bank:

  • Amazonbasics 1500w ceramic personal heater with adjustable thermostat: This is a compact and lightweight option that packs plenty of power for its size. It features an adjustable thermostat, overheat protection, and a cool-touch exterior for added safety.
  • Comfort zone cz600bk deluxe ceramic utility heater with adjustable thermostat: This heater is designed for large rooms and features a powerful 1500w heating element. It also comes with an adjustable thermostat, safety tip-over switch, and overheat protection for peace of mind.
  • Lasko 100 myheat personal ceramic heater: This compact and budget-friendly option is perfect for small rooms and personal spaces. It features a ceramic heating element and a built-in fan for enhanced heat distribution.
  • Honeywell hce100b heat bud ceramic personal heater: Another affordable and compact option, this heater is perfect for desks, tables, and other small spaces. It features two heat settings, a tip-over switch, and overheat protection.
  • Brightown portable ceramic heater: This powerful and versatile heater is suitable for both small and large rooms, thanks to its adjustable thermostat and 1500w heating element. It also features overheat protection and a tip-over switch for added safety.

6 – Micathermic Heaters

Best Space Heaters Under $50: 6 – Micathermic Heaters

Space heaters are a great addition to any room during the winter season. They are portable and provide instant warmth, making them an efficient and cost-effective choice for those who want to avoid high heating bills. One of the most popular options is micathermic heaters.

We will discuss micathermic heaters, their pros and cons, and suggest some of the best micathermic heaters under $50.

What They Are And How They Work

Micathermic heaters are a type of space heater that use a combination of convection and radiant heat to warm up a room. They rely on a mineral called mica to transfer heat. The mica is either wrapped around heating elements or sandwiched between two panels.

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When electricity is passed through the heating elements, the mica heats up and emits heat into the room.

The convection aspect of these heaters involves the natural circulation of air, as the warm air rises and the cool air sinks. Due to their design, micathermic heaters distribute heat evenly across the room, creating a comfortable and cozy environment.

Pros And Cons Of Using Micathermic Heaters

Like any appliance, micathermic heaters come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.


  • Efficient: Micathermic heaters are incredibly efficient, as they use less energy than traditional heaters to warm up a room.
  • Quiet: These heaters operate silently, so they won’t disturb your peace while you work or sleep.
  • Safe: Micathermic heaters are designed to be safe, with features like overheat protection and tip-over switches to prevent fires and burns.
  • Even heat distribution: Due to their design, micathermic heaters distribute heat evenly throughout the room, making them an excellent choice for larger spaces.


  • Expensive: While micathermic heaters under $50 do exist, they are typically more expensive than other types of space heaters.
  • Noisy: Although they operate quietly, some people might find the humming sound of the fans or the clicking sound of the heating elements bothersome.
  • Not ideal for large rooms: Although they distribute heat evenly, micathermic heaters may struggle to heat large rooms, especially those with high ceilings.

Examples Of The Best Micathermic Heaters Under $50

Micathermic heaters under $50 are hard to come by. However, we have researched and found some excellent options that won’t break the bank.

  • Comfort zone czhtv9: This micathermic heater is compact and lightweight, making it easy to move around. It has two heat settings and a digital display for easy temperature control.
  • Pelonis ny1507-14a: This tower heater has a sleek design and is perfect for small to medium-sized rooms. With three heat settings and a 24-hour timer, it provides convenience and flexibility.
  • Soleil hgw-308: This micathermic heater has a heating power of up to 1,500 watts and is suitable for rooms up to 200 square feet. It comes with an adjustable thermostat and tip-over protection.

Micathermic heaters are an excellent choice for those who want an efficient, cost-effective, and safe heating solution. While they have some drawbacks, they provide many benefits, including even heat distribution and silent operation. If you’re looking for a micathermic heater under $50, the comfort zone czhtv9, pelonis ny1507-14a, and soleil hgw-308 are excellent options to consider.

7 – Radiant Heaters

Space heaters are must-have appliances during winters. They’re a great way to keep your home warm and cozy without ramping up your energy bills. But with so many options available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your budget.

We’ll discuss the best radiant heaters available under $50.

What They Are And How They Work

Radiant heaters are a type of space heater that uses infrared technology to warm up a room. Unlike traditional heaters that rely on blowing hot air into space, radiant heaters use electromagnetic radiation to heat objects in the room. These heaters feature a heating element that emits infrared radiation and a reflector that directs the radiation towards the room.

When the radiation hits the objects in the room, they absorb the heat, making the temperature of the room warmer.

Pros And Cons Of Using Radiant Heaters

Despite being an excellent option for heating small spaces, radiant heaters have both advantages and disadvantages. Here are the top pros and cons of using radiant heaters:


  • Require less energy than traditional heaters.
  • Heat objects in the room rather than the air, making it a more energy-efficient option.
  • They’re relatively silent in operation.
  • They’re portable, compact, and easy to use.


  • They’re not ideal for larger spaces.
  • The heating element gets extremely hot, which can be hazardous.
  • They don’t warm up the air, making it hard to feel warm if you’re not close to the heater.

Examples Of The Best Radiant Heaters Under $50

Now that you know how radiant heaters work and their pros and cons, let’s have a look at some of the best radiant heaters under $50.

1. Amazonbasics Indoor Portable Radiant Heater

  • Features an adjustable thermostat for easy temperature control.
  • Comes with two heat settings for desired warmth.
  • Comes with a built-in handle for easy portability.

2. Brightown Mini Desk Heater

  • A mini size space heater with a maximum power of 600w.
  • Tip-over protection technology for extra safety.
  • Latest ptc technology for fast heating and long-lasting warmth.

3. Pelonis Hb-211T Portable Space Heater

  • Comes with overheat and tip-over protection for safe use.
  • Three heat settings for customized warmth.
  • Equipped with a handle for easy transportation.

Radiant heaters are an excellent choice for small spaces and offer numerous benefits over traditional heaters. They are energy-efficient, portable, and easy to use. Plus, with options under $50, you don’t have to break the bank to stay warm during winters.

8 – Space Heaters With Thermostat Control

Explanation Of What Thermostat Control Is And Why It’S Important

Space heaters are incredible tools for staying comfortable in your home during the chilly seasons. Thermostat control is a feature on some heaters that allows you to set the temperature, and the heater will automatically turn on and off to maintain that temperature.

It is an essential feature to look for when purchasing a space heater as it ensures that your room stays consistently warm without wasting energy.

Pros And Cons Of Using Space Heaters With Thermostat Control


  • Thermostat control saves energy by automatically turning the heater on and off.
  • It maintains a consistent temperature in the room, creating a comfortable environment.
  • Some space heaters with thermostat control offer a range of temperature settings, providing users with flexibility and customization.


  • Space heaters with thermostat control are typically more expensive than heaters without this feature.
  • Some models have less accurate thermostats which can lead to uneven heating or overheat the room.

Examples Of The Best Space Heaters With Thermostat Control Under $50

  • Amazonbasics 500-watt ceramic personal heater
  • Features an adjustable thermostat control that enables you to set the temperature between 65-85°f.
  • Comes with overheat protection and an auto shut-off feature to ensure safety.
  • Lasko designer series ceramic space heater
  • Equipped with an adjustable thermostat and three temperature settings to customize your comfort.
  • Features overheat protection and cool-touch housing to ensure safety.
  • Honeywell hce100wcd1 heatbud personal ceramic heater
  • Compact and portable, this heater is perfect for personal use and features two heat settings.
  • The thermostat control provides stable heat output, and the device turns off automatically if it overheats.
  • Brightown portable ceramic space heater
  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat control and three heat settings to maintain optimal temperatures.
  • Features a tip-over shut off feature and overheat protection for added safety.
  • Pro breeze 1500w mini ceramic space heater
  • Equipped with an adjustable thermostat control and three heat settings to heat small to medium rooms.
  • Comes with overheat protection and a thermal cut-off feature that automatically shuts off the heater.

By investing in a space heater with thermostat control, you can customize your heating experience, enjoy a comfortable temperature, and save energy. The heaters mentioned above all come in under $50, making them affordable options that don’t sacrifice on quality or safety.

9 – Small Space Heaters

Explanation Of Why Small Space Heaters Can Be Beneficial

Small space heaters are portable heating devices that are designed to heat small areas effectively. They have many benefits over large heaters, such as:

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  • Small space heaters are more affordable than big heaters, making them a perfect option for those who live on a tight budget.
  • They consume less energy and, therefore, require less electricity to operate. Hence, they are easy on your electricity bills.
  • They also take up less space and can be stored easily when not in use, making them ideal for small apartments or houses with limited storage space.
  • Small space heaters can be easily moved from one room to another, allowing you to use one device for multiple areas.

Pros And Cons Of Using Small Space Heaters

Before you buy a small space heater, there are several things you should consider, as they have some pros and cons. Below are the most important ones:


  • Small space heaters are portable and easy to move around, allowing you to heat specific areas without increasing the temperature of other locations unnecessarily.
  • They can help you save on energy bills because they only heat the small space you need and don’t waste energy warming up an entire room.
  • Small space heaters come in various shapes and sizes, making it easy to find one that fits your needs, decor, and budget.
  • They provide instant heat, unlike central heating systems, which take time to warm up the entire house.


  • Small space heaters can be a safety hazard if not used correctly, for example, if they’re left unattended or placed too close to combustible materials.
  • They’re not as efficient as central heating systems when it comes to heating a large area. If you try to heat more than one small area with one small space heater, then you may find it challenging to achieve an even temperature throughout the space.
  • Some models can be noisy, which can be a distraction when you’re using it for long periods.

Examples Of The Best Small Space Heaters Under $50

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best small space heaters available on the market.

1. Honeywell Uberheat Ceramic Heater

  • Price: $29.99
  • Made of high-quality ceramic, it provides fast and efficient heating.
  • It has two heat settings, an adjustable thermostat, and a tip-over switch that turns off the heater if it’s knocked over.

2. Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater

  • Price: $24.99
  • This heater is small yet powerful, capable of heating up to 300 square feet.
  • It has three heat settings, an overheat protection system, and a cool-to-touch exterior.
  • It also comes fully assembled, making it an ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t want to spend time putting the heater together.

3. Brightown Portable Ceramic Heater

  • Price: $23.99
  • Small and easy to move, this heater is perfect for heating small spaces like bedrooms or offices.
  • It has three heat settings, an adjustable thermostat, and a built-in timer that allows you to set the heater to turn off after a set period of time.
  • It also has overheat and tip-over protection, making it safe to use around pets and children.

Small space heaters are an excellent alternative to large heating systems, and they come with many advantages. With the right research and selection, you can quickly find a great small space heater that fits your needs and budget.

10 – Portable Space Heaters

Space heaters are extremely useful during the colder months, providing much-needed warmth for homes, offices, or personal spaces. However, not all space heaters are made equal, and for people on a budget, the options can be limited. Luckily, there are many portable space heaters available at an affordable price range, making it easy to stay warm without breaking the bank.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the best portable space heaters under $50, as well as explore the pros and cons of using these types of heaters, and why portability can be beneficial.

Explanation Of Why Portability Can Be Beneficial

Portability can be beneficial when it comes to space heaters for a few reasons. Firstly, a portable heater can be easily moved from room to room, allowing you to heat only the areas where you need it most, which can be cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Additionally, portable heaters are easy to store away when not in use, which is perfect for smaller living spaces or those who only require occasional use. Lastly, portable heaters are often lightweight and compact, making them an ideal choice for people who travel frequently or require a heater to use in different locations.

Pros And Cons Of Using Portable Space Heaters

Using a portable space heater has both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons you should be aware of:


  • Easy to move around and store away when not in use.
  • Cost-effective and energy-efficient for heating smaller spaces.
  • Great for personal use and focus heating.
  • Lightweight and compact, making them an ideal choice for people who travel frequently or require a heater to use in different locations.


  • Not ideal for heating larger areas.
  • Can be a tripping hazard if not placed safely.
  • Some models can be noisy.
  • May not be as efficient as central heating systems.

Examples Of The Best Portable Space Heaters Under $50

  • Lasko 754200 ceramic heater – this ceramic heater offers three different heat settings and an adjustable thermostat. It’s also extremely lightweight and compact, making it easy to move from room to room.
  • Honeywell hce200w uberheat ceramic heater – this portable space heater is perfect for small spaces and features two different heat settings. In addition, it has numerous safety features, including an overheat protection function and a cool-touch exterior.
  • Brightown mini desk heater – this compact heater is perfect for personal use, as it provides heat for a single person or small area. It’s also incredibly quiet and includes a number of safety features, including overheat protection and automatic shut-off.
  • Gazeled ceramic space heater – with an adjustable angle design, this space heater can direct heat where you need it most. It’s also lightweight and includes an automatic shut-off function for safety.
  • Amazonbasics 500-watt ceramic small space personal mini heater – this budget-friendly heater is incredibly compact and perfect for use on a desk or tabletop. It includes overheat protection and features a cool-touch exterior, making it safe to use around children and pets.

In Conclusion

Portable space heaters can be an affordable and convenient way to stay warm during colder months. With their portability and easy storage, you can use them to heat specific areas and save money on energy bills. Just be sure to keep in mind the pros and cons of using these types of heaters, along with safety considerations, before making your purchase.


After evaluating and researching the best space heaters under $50, it’s clear that there are several reliable options available. Whether you prefer a heater that is fan-forced, ceramic, or radiant, there’s a unit out there that will fit your needs and budget.

Our top picks include the amazonbasics portable eco-smart space heater, the holmes compact desktop heater with manual controls, and the lasko 754200 ceramic heater. All of these heaters have impressive features for their compact size and provide excellent value for their price point.

When choosing a space heater, it’s important to consider safety features, wattage output, and heating technology to ensure that you’re making a wise investment. Ultimately, the best heater for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. We hope that this guide has provided you with useful information to make an informed decision and stay cozy during the colder months.


I am a mechanical engineer and love doing research on different home and outdoor heating options. When I am not working, I love spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy blogging about my findings and helping others to find the best heating options for their needs.